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I will start saying “good work noticing”, when someone tries to complement me on my artwork, by saying “good work”! No offence to anyone in particular, but your opinion mostly tells me about you, not about me or my artwork. You hate it! Awesome, feel free to tell me, I can handle that. You love it! Great, you can tell me, I can handle that too. Here is a thing, I don’t think you can do a bad job making art, the act of creating is great work and it makes you feel alive and has potential for transformation, so anybody’s opinion does not make work good or bad, the opinion is your own relationship to the particular thing …. but it doesn’t make it be so. So next time, please, tell me how you feel, how did I move you, how did I disgust you, what was stirred in you m, if anything at all … that’s far more interesting to me.