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Laugh, if you feel like it, even on a stallion. I was blessed with a gift of laughter as a survival and thriving mechanism … I don’t think I could do a thing without it. People discard nervous laughter as weak or immature, but when I gave it some thought, I realized it’s a genius way for the body to handle any situation and stay healthy … with all these positive endorphin chemical reactions happening. Laughter changes the energy in the room and it’s contagious so you are making someone else’s body happier too. The body does not care why or how you are laughing, but it reaps benefits of laughter every single time. I was told many times with somewhat of a stern voice that there is time and place for laughter, with an implied message it was not NOW … time and place for laughter is every time you feel like laughing and anywhere you are, even if you happen to be on a stallion.