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I had somewhat of a shitty day – or maybe a shitty attitude day. First one in months, so it came as an unwanted surprise like an old boyfriend that you really don’t want to see anymore … now I am grateful for this crap today 🙂 … because I mapped out the way back to happiness and it is so easy, just the way I like it. I sure did not enjoy the process but nice to be back and now I know exactly what to do if this feeling creeps back. The idea is to do something I want to do with enjoyment and not trying to have a goal. I did not mean quitting and going to watch netflix instead … although that may be a nice break too and sometimes quitting is a good idea when it is time to quit. Marshall Rosenberg said “Don’t do anything that isn’t play” … or “do what I ask you to do only if it is out of the the same energy as an energy of a child feeding a hungry duck.” We can choose to put a goal of enjoyment of a relationship with our child  or the goal of “teaching” our child and “making sure” they grow up to by xyz all with good intentions, expectations we have especially for other people will likely ruin the enjoyment.