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Couple years ago I learned that all of us have a joy and pleasure limit – that means if we get too happy for too long we get suspicious. The good news is we can raise our “tolerance” for happiness by practicing and practicing is fun … bringing joy and pleasure in your life, recognizing and disregarding resistance to happiness. I thought at first – this concept sounds crazy because it seems like everyone wants to be happy so how can we be unable to tolerate what we want – but observe what happens when you are feeling really really happy for a longer time then you are used to – you might get anxious, worried when this will end and something ” bad” will happen also it’s possible that you will do something unconsciously to sabotage it and go back to your usual level of tolerance. I am very grateful for learning that and practicing and now after nearly 2 years of practice I am in awe – I didn’t even imagine I could be so happy so consistently. I didn’t know this was possible since I was quite content to begin with but there is always room for more happiness. 🙂