Contact Improvisation – Dance Of Conversation


FEBRUARY 17 2:00 – 4:00 PM


Contact Improv is a dance of conversation. We speak and listen with our bodies. Movement is the language.
The way we balance listening and speaking when having a conversation with someone, is similar to the listening and speaking through movement in contact Improv. In this contact improv dance class we are going to explore some different ways to listen with our bodies and learn some vocabulary to speak with. 

Then we will practice having conversations with our partners. After the class there will be some time for open dancing so we can experiment with what we learned.This class is appropriate for all skill levels, from complete beginner to advanced. Everyone will find something useful that they can take into their dancing.

I have been doing contact improv for 10 years. Contact has become a central part of my life. 
It deeply affects all aspects of my being. Physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual.

As martial artist who has been practicing for over 30 years  I usually integrate some martial arts principles into my classes.  The overlap between the two arts is astonishingly useful.My dancing has made me a better martial artist,
And the martial arts has made me a better dancer.

I am one of the regular teachers at the Toronto Sunday Jam. Even though I teach on a fairly regular basis 
I actually consider myself a full-time student of contact. I am always a beginner looking to learn, grow 
and expand my knowledge and ability. 

Every time I dance I learn something new and it fills me with so much joy. And joy is the primary reason that I do contact.
I love to move, I love to learn and I love to have fun. That sounds like a pretty good combination for a workshop!

OUR HOST:First Unitarian Church of Hamilton