2179 Dundas StThe Barn School SDE Center, Burlington, Ontario L7R 3X4 – The Barn School

“Who am I?” and “What can I become?”

Creative arts therapies go beyond words. Furthermore, they go beyond the rational mind, tapping into our most authentic self.

Join us in a safe group space to express yourself, create meaning and connect with others. The art therapist does not interpret the art piece, and the clients are free to share as much of the meaning of their art as they choose.

This experimental art therapy group is inviting you to connect with yourself and to bring self-awareness and joy into your life. You will be using different art materials, clay, pastels, paints, crayons to create, meaningful art prompts can help you explore your own beautiful self. We will begin and end every meeting with mindfulness and spaciousness.

No artistic abilities are required except of curiosity and willingness to try